Johnsons Travel Pack

Johnsons Travel Pack

Johnson and Johnson is a loved and trusted brand for babies and we've provided a selection of four essential products that no baby can go without. Includes Talcum Powder, Body Wash, Body Lotion and Shampoo.

Talcum Powder 50g

Keep baby’s skin feeling smooth and comfortable throughout the day and night. Great for putting in between baby’s curves and on their bottom to prevent rashes and other skin irritations. Comes in a handy size to keep baby comfortable wherever you are!

Body Wash 50ml

Keep baby smelling fresh and sweet the way a baby should! Comes in a handy size to make bath time easier.

Body Lotion 50ml

Maintain baby’s soft and supple skin while preventing their skin from drying out. Perfect for delicate baby skin.

Baby Shampoo 50ml

100% soap free shampoo that is gentle on baby’s skin and hair. This conditioning shampoo has been formulated to keep baby’s hair manageable and soft. The baby will come out of bath time smelling super fresh!

Baby Gift Packaging

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